A lot of people ask me what I like to photograph best, and I usually say something pretty boring like product photography. I’ve always loved the physics of photography, and appreciate how technical and analytical a studio shoot can be.

Take this watch for example. This stupid watch. This was arguably one of the hardest things to shoot, and I’ll tell you why…

Metals like silver don’t really reflect white – they reflect whatever is in the reflection. And in the case of a photo studio with black curtains and black walls/ceiling, it will reflect a whole lot of black unless you get the light juuuuust right. But the same can be said for glass – glass isn’t automatically see through when you try to photograph it. Glass will reflect everything. So in order to get the silver metal to look white and shiny but the glass watch face to look see through, it took many hours and tedious tweaks.

Here is a behind the scenes photo of my set up: tabletop scene, extra large softbox overhead, gobo, some specular lights off to the side for directional shadowing, and a 90mm tilt shift lens.

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